Who We Are

Barden Energy have been supplying and installing commercial biomass boilers in the UK for nearly a decade.  Helping businesses to maximise their return from the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), reduce their energy bills and cut carbon emissions.

We also provide wood chip fuel supply to businesses and private estates needing biofuel/ biomass to fuel their biomass boilers.  We are an authorised supplier of wood chip and are listed on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).



Biomass is all we do. We are industry leaders at the forefront of this pioneering technology.



Our team has the knowledge and the experience to provide you with the optimum heating solution for your business.

Best Advice and support

Best Advice

We provide the best advice and support throughout every step of the process.

Why switch to Biomass?

Biomass is the future of sustainable heating technology. With competitively priced fuels and a range of
Government financial incentives on offer there has never been a better time to jump on board.



Do you spend over 15k per annum on heating? If so, you can save up to 70% on heating and 50% on fuel costs.


New Revenue Stream

You can get 30% back from your initial investment and create a revenue stream for the next 20 years - guaranteed.


Eco Friendly

Biomass technology is safe, clean, reliable and sustainable. Using biomass will offset your carbon emissions.

Wood Fuel Supply

Barden Energy have been supplying Woodsure Accredited wood fuel to commercial businesses and large estates in
Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire for nearly a decade.