Herz biomass boiler firematic 20-60

Herz Firematic 20kW – 199kW

The Herz Firematic is an extremely popular and sophisticated wood chip and wood pellet biomass boiler that is capable of providing a heating solution for a vast range of properties. The boilers with outputs up to 60kW are extremely compact and suitable for domestic installations, while the larger versions have just as small a footprint but able to deal with the demands from larger heat loads by incorporating a more robust stepped grate combustion system and additional ash bin.

Ariterm Biomass Boiler Vedo

Vedo 33kw

The Vedo is an efficient and modern log fired boiler intended for operation with a thermal store. It uses a two stage gasification process providing high efficiency and low emissions. The stylish and compact Scandinavian design makes the Vedo especially attractive for domestic applications.

Ariterm Biomass Bio boiler designed to heat commercial premises.

Bio Boiler 199kW – 3000kW

The Bio Boiler series has been designed for large commercial applications. Key advantages to the Bio Boiler are that they come with a large combustion chamber, which gives high heating efficiency; vertical convection unit to gather ashes in the base of the boiler, from where they are easily removed by ash screw or ash suction and pressure air sweeping, which reduces maintenance costs and improves operational economy.

Ariterm biomass commercial heating boiler - Biocomp

BioComp 40kW – 300kW

The BioComp series is a new generation automatic bio heating boiler for use with wood pellets. The fire chamber of the BioComp boiler has been designed with a new round structure which improves heat recovery and energy efficiency.

Ariterm biomass commercial heating boiler - Biocomp

BioComp PX 60kW

The BioComp PX 60 kW is a rugged and reliable light commercial or large domestic pellet boiler with excellent performance. Like the Biomatic series the PX comes with an optional “Combi” integrated hot water generator. Two or three PX boilers can be linked together “Cascades” to provide a 120 kW or 180kW commercial heating system, often at a lower cost than an equivalent single boiler. To find out more about the BioComp PX contact Ferroli.

Ariterm Biomass Boiler - Biomatic

Biomatic 20kW – 40kW

The Ariterm Biomatic is a well proven, reliable and a highly efficient range of pellet boilers for mainly domestic use. Available as a heating only boiler or as a “Combi” with an integrated hot water generator. The Biomatic combines modern design with proven performance, and is Scandinavias No.1 selling pellet boiler. To find out more about the Biomatic series contact Ferroli.