EVC Products

Our products are compatible with all current EVs and PHEVs and have been certified by many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers – including Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Volvo and many more.

EC Charge Online (PAYG) – the EV driver will pull up to the charge point and using their mobile, tablet or in-car connectivity log-in to the charge point and pay as you go (PAYG) for its use.

With EV Charge Online there are absolutely no fees – so no annual membership, subscription or licence fees.  All the EV driver needs to do is pay for the vehicle charging cycle.

EV Pedestal – is a robust, heavy duty, hard wearing pedestal designed and manufactured for both commercial and public facing environments.  This unit is available in 1 way or 2 way, type 2, mode 3 IEC 62196 format, c/w hatchback facility, built-in overload and fault current protection.

This is available as Free-To-Use or Coin/Token – PAYG.

Wall Pods
Both the WallPod EV Commercial Charge range and the WallPod EV Home Charge range are low-cost, entry level charging units, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle (EV) on the market today.

WallPod – EV: Home Charge

Two models available – fast charge and overnight charge.

WallPod – EV : Commercial Charge

Two models available – fast charge and overnight charge.



Branding and Signage

We recognise the importance of promoting your brand. That is why we offer bespoke colour and branding options across the majority of our range.

If you want to promote your brand further by showing your customers and/or employees that you are committed to adding value – let us know and we will provide you with a quote.

We can also supply signage to highlight your EV charging facility with one of our aluminium screen printed signs. These are available in three sizes – A3, A4, A5.

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